Monday, 9 June 2014

Bucket List- How

Number 4 on my bucket list is attend the Pemberton Music Festival in Pemberton B.C.  Number 5 on my bucket list is go on a road trip with my friends.  I decided to get two off my bucket list at once.  This summer my friends and I have decided to buy tickets for the Pemberton Music Festival.  To save a little bit of money instead of flying we thought it would be an adventure to road trip there all together.  I never thought my friends and I would ever go to this music festival, we always talked about going than one day in the spur of the moment we all bought tickets and now we have to go.  It's going to be interesting and exciting and I can not wait.

Bucket List- Writers Note

My name is Jasmine Baker. I've grown up in the chilly province of Manitoba my whole life.  One thing I have always wanted to do since I was young was to get out of the province and see what the world has to offer.  Traveling has always been at the back of my mind through out schooling, and now that I'm finally done I can hopefully take advantage of that.  There are so many places I want to go in this world and experience I hope I will be able to one day.  A passion I have are concerts, and music festivals.  The feeling of being surronded by individuals with the same passion as your own is an amazing feeling.  Since Manitoba has little music festivals, and rarely a good artist comes here I have to use my first passion, traveling to successfully attend all the festivals I want to go to.  Europe has some of the greatest festivals so that is one on my bucket list I really want to acheive before I die.  There are so many things I wish to do before I die.  I know I will not have to oppurtunity to do.  I will not give up on them though I will try and pursue as many as I can and continue adding things to my bucket list.

Bucket List

1. Attend Tomorrow Land
2. Attend a Tyler the Creator concert
3. Meet Kid Cudi
4. Attend Pemberton Music Festival
5. Road trip somewhere with my friends
6. Get over my fear of heights
7. Go sky diving
8. Crowd surf
9. Live in California for a few months
10. Attend Ultra Miami
11. Attend Veld
12. Live in Australia for a few months
13. Pet a panda
14. Hold a koala bear
15. Own my own house
16. Own a car
17. Get married
18. Have a family
19. Pierce both my ears all they way up
20. Get my belly button re-pierced
21. Travel to Amsterdam
22. Meet Miley Cyrus
23. Get my boating license
24. Learn how to stop on skates
25. Take my mom on a vacation
26. Get accepted to university
27. Find a life long job I'll enjoy
28. Save someone's life
29. Run a 5K marathon
30. Take a homeless person out for lunch
31. Volunteer at the animal shelter
32. Get over my fear of slimy things
33. Attend a Skrillex concery
34. Attend a Steve Aoki concert in Europe
35. Try every flavour of icecream
36. Help someone quit smoking
37. Watch my sister graduate
38. Learn how to walk in heels
39. Attend Electric Zoo
40. Be in New York for the New Years Eve ball drop
41. Get caked by Steve Aoki
42. Go to a winery
43. Go to the United Kingdom
44. Backpack through B.C
45. Go to a third world country and do a mission
46. Buy an apartment with a friend
47. Go on a cruise
48. Party with Wiz Khalifa
49. Attend a Project X type party
50. Attend a Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Monday, 26 May 2014

Creating Dialogue

"It's really hot out today," said Frank.

"You got that right," Jon responded "I need to find some shade," he panted.

"I hope our owner comes soon,"Frank says as he rolls over. 

"Is it alright if I rest on you," Joe asked. 

"Yeah sure," Frank responded, "just don't squish me," he said with a serious face.

"You're so comfy," Joe said as he rubs his head into Frank's stomach. 

"Joe don't you dare fall asleep we're leaving soon," Frank snapped.

"It's to hot," Joe whispered. 

"Hey look they're here," Frank said dramatically. 

"Ugh finally," Joe says as he does a big stretch "I need to sleep," Joe says.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Field Trip!

1. I went to the stairwell in the power mech hallway there was a few people there hiding like usual. I listened to the conversation for around 7 minutes because it was not very interesting.
The conversation was between a male and a female. It seemed like they were a couple in an argument. I felt like I was invading their privacy because it sounded as if they were arguing about something important. I wouldn't appreciate a person listening into one of my private conversations. 
2. I learnt that what people say out loud is sometimes not what they truly mean. They "beat around the bush" a lot. One person usually talks more than the other. In a teenage conversation there is a lot of swearing.
3. I can apply this to my writing by having one person usually the "main character" talk more than the other person. The other person would probably be a listener, and only throw their two cents in every once in awhile to show their still paying attention. 
4. Depending on the conversation if someone is talking about something sad the person listening would show their character by giving them a hug or from the things they choose to say.  
5. When more than two people are in a conversation it is difficult to keep track of. Usually there are mini conversations inside a big conversation as well. Someone may say something that leads to something completely different and it gets confusing.
6. I was surprised at how rude people can be. Maybe to an outsider it sounds rude but to the people in the conversation it is not. I was surprised at how off track conversations get. There are multiple conversations going on in one large conversation. 
7. Spoken conversations are more choppy and off topic. Written stories are more structured. Nobody wants to read a story with characters saying random things it makes them bored. In a spoken conversation nobody else is usually listening for a purpose so you can say anything even if it is off topic. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Personal Post- Stubborn Dog

This is my dog Spencer. I took a picture of him sitting outside because he always does this. He is the most stubborn dog ever. We let him outside so he can go do his business. Like every dog when he is done he barks at the door to get let in. When we open the door to let him in he just sits there and doesn't do anything so we shut the door and he starts barking again. So now when he barks we have to hold the door open with a box or anything and let him sit there until he's ready to come in. Sometimes when it's nice out he does this for a hour. He's so annoying but he's pretty cool.

Personal Post: 1 Second Per Day: Week 1

Quickwrite- Periodic Table

Quickwrite- Worst Meal

The worst meal would smell like a skunk. The smell would be so rotten it makes you smell it on your breath for weeks. The taste of it is bitter. It tastes chalky. It's so thick and there's no liquidy part to the meal. The lingering odor is always around you.

Quickwrite- Eden

My imaginary Eden is a place with medium hills. There are a lot of colour ful flowers everywhere. The housings will look like logs from the outside, on the inside there will be classical furniture in all the rooms. Everyone wears different things because they are all unique and don't fall into social standards. Concerts everyday. Transportation around the Eden  is walking or scooters. The climate is warm like an average summer day with a light wind. No religion followed there because they think and believe theirselves and the others around them.different types of food places on ever corner, with affordable prices.

Skype Reflection

The thing that went well is showing them the pictures with what we were saying. It made it more interactive with them. It looked like they really enjoyed seeing the pictures along with what we were saying. Even though the pictures had a little glare because of the screens it still looked like they enjoyed it. The value in collaborating via Skype is that it is unique and funny. We get learn about the things they are learbing in other places. When I was in grade 2 we didn't learn what they are learning. We can see how different things are in different places and we are using a new technology as well.

Personal Post

I have a passion for music festivals and I found this article.  It is about multiple music festivals that happen,  there is one every month.  My goal is to spend a year travelling and going to these festivals.  I hope I successfully accomplish this goal because it would be amazing, and such a life long memory of being a kid.

Procedural Writing: How To Safely Cross The Street

Step 1: First, you approach the crosswalk.

Step 2: Second, you look left to see if any cars are coming.

Step 3: Next, you look to the right to see if any cars are coming.

Step 4: Fourth, you press the crosswalk button.

Step 5: Fifth, wait until all cars coming have stopped.

Step 6: Walk across the street.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

(1) Six word memoirs- B
I think I did well on finding pictures that had a lot of meaning to me.  I had a lot of pictures because I take a lot of pictures for looking back on.  Trying to figure out what to write on the pictures was simple as well.  The issue I had was trying to shorten it to 6 words with proper grammar.  It took a long time for me to figure out how to make it sound like it made sense.  I could get it down to 5, or 7, but 6 was a challenge.  Since we are always taught to write a lot for things, and be descriptive it was difficult to be descriptive but short.  I feel like I could have edited the pictures more, but I did not want it to over power the pictures and words. I learnt that I should practice suming things up, and maybe practice my editing skills.

(2) IGNITE presentation- B
I think finding the pictures was the easiest thing I had to do for this project.  I thought that doing a presentation for 5 minutes would be a challenge but once I figured out what to say it wa simple.  The hard part was figuring out a topic.  I wanted to do a different topic but I could not find any pictures that would work for it.  I spent most of the project trying to figure out a topic and what pictures to do with it.  The other challenging thing about the project was presenting infront of the class.  I am the worst at public speaking!  But, it was easier presenting this project than a different one because it was a topic I chose myself.  I learnt about myself that I am still afraid of public speaking.  I also learnt that when it comes to chosing a topic it is difficult since it is usually the teacher telling us what to do.

(3) Blogging- B
I always post my assignments on my blog when they are supposed to be on them.  My blog got deleted, along with all the assignments I had done.  I did post personal additions on my old blog.  Since I just started this blog I have not posted any yet.  I did not post personal additions regularly because I usually forgot about posting them.  I posted more at the being of the semester than the end.  I have not visited any classmates blogs or left any comments yet.

(4) Connecting & Engaging- C
I feel like I do participate in classroom discussions on the blogs.  Whenever we were told to comment on a certian post I did, and in a timely manner. When we are on Skype with the other class I participate in the sound effects from books.  I do not think I will ever volunteer to read because I will probably get to nervous and mess up.  I think I attend class well.  Not as much as I should, but more than some others in the classroom.

(5) Goals
1. To comment and visit other peoples blogs regularly
2. To attend class on a regular basis.
3. To add more personal additions to my blog, and to remake my blog so it looks presenting.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Personal Post- My Dog

This is the transformation of my dog. The picture on the left is my dog at 6 weeks old when we got him. The picture of the right is my dog exactly a year after we got him. He has grown so much it's crazy!

Personal Post- Westwood's Fashion Show

This weekend I went to watch my friends at Westwood in their fashion show called "The Event." I thought it was great. They put so much time and effort into making it awesome. I loved how they got professional lighting and how they had tables with assigned seating. I loved how they had actual dancers teaching them dances so they actually looked good instead of the students trying to make up and dance and find music. It takes a lot of pressure off the students so they can focus and be more excited about it. I did not like the last part of their fashion show where each student came out and a person would say their favourite memory of highschool and their future ambitions. I felt like a lot of people wrote the same things and it dragged on to long but overall it was an awesome fashion show! 

Skype Reflection

1. My group and I presented the introduction greeting part of the Skype Six Word Memoir mini lesson. My group and I made the greeting interesting by using really cool and creative numbers to show how there are 6 words for each six word "story." We used a lot of expression as well. 
2. I think it went very well. We had what we were going to say printed out infront of us so we did not mess up. We also had glittery numbers showing to make them interested in what we were doing. A weakness we had was we did not really go in depth in explaining what a six word memoir was and how to do them. 
3. I learnt that it is way harder to teach children how to do something because they do not have as wide as a vocabulary as we do. I also learned you need to do things to entertain them because they do not pay attention for long.
4. I think next time they should show us something they have done in class. I would love for them to teach us something, even if we already have a little understanding about it. It would be interesting to see what they learn in class because maybe in Thompson they learn different things. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Personal Post- Aer

Two months ago one of my favourite bands released an album I highly reccomend checking them out if you've never heard of them! Here is their youtube account,

Six Word Memoir #6

Love/ Confession.
This is a collage of my best friends (including dogs), without them I wouldn't be the person I am. The words fit with the pictures because they are pictures of my best friends and I am truthfully thankful for them.  I needed to make a collage because I don't have a picture of all of us together. I put a heart beside the text because I love them, and to me a heart represents love.  I used a very simple font because our friendships are very simple. I didn't use an effect because I thought the pictures were better without them. I just used a period at the end of the sentence because I am making a statement nothing more so anything else wouldn't have made any sense.

Six Word Memoir #5

Me- Talent.
This is a picture of a casual meal I can eat at McDonalds and still be able to eat more.  The words fit with the picture because I am pretty small, and short for the averange age group I am in, but yet I can eat more than most of them.  It is very unhealthy but something I am completely proud of.  I used the spotlight effect on this picture to make everything look darker and make the food the center of attention.  I brightened the red to make it stand out a lot.  The font I used is called "Emily's Candy" I thought it fit the picture well becayse the I's are dotted with hearts and that seems pretty girly.  It fits with the picture because I'm saying how for such a small girl I can eat a lot.  I made the text centered because I thought it looked really proper and made the picture look a lot nicer because of how blurry the picture is.

Six Word Memoir #4

My Future
This is a picture of my bestfriend's younger brother.  She took this picture of him and I think it is hilarious. The words fit with the picture because he is just sitting there with sunglasses on throwing up a "W," he looks like he is just all about being a fun baby and not fussy like some babies.  I used Sepia in the background to drown it out and make the child stand out more because the background has no importance in the picture. I changed the font for the word awesome because I thought it would look better to use a really interesting font that stood out a lot.   I used an exclamation mark to express how amazing I think this child is and hopefully one day my child will also be this cool.  I put the writting at the bottom so it did not block anything from the picture.

Six Word Memoir #3

Me- Passions
This is a picture I took at a Steve Aoki concert I attended this year.  I took this photo while I was on my friend's shoulders so I could see everyone and everything going on.  It was one of the most magical moments I've had in my life.  Concerts are one of my passions, live music is what I live for.... as the words on the picture say.  This concert was so free, the loud music just blaring in the background and everyone around you dancing.  Everyone wears such unusual things, and nobody judges you. The way I did the font all wavy fits in with the way I feel at concerts, carefree.  I changed the font for music because I wanted it to stand out that this was about music, and how music makes you feel.

Six Word Memoir #2

These words fit with these pictures because these pictures were taken exactly a year apart from eachother. The one on the left was the first day we got him, and the picture on the right was taken a year after we got him.  I used this font because it reminds me of a little childs writting.  It shows how quickly a child can grow in a year.  It is tilted because children are playful like that so it makes it a little silly.  I used an exclamtion mark because I am so shocked and happy about how much my dog has grown in so little time.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Six Word Memoir #1

These words fit with the picture because I am the oldest out of my cousins who usually all get together regularly.  The worst part is I am always the shortest, ever since I can remember. You can clearly see my cousins and sister tower over me... my dog is almost as tall as me standing up so that says a lot. My uncle took the picture and the lighting was not very good so I had to edit the contrast and brightness to make the picture look nicer.  I used bold white words to really get the message across that I am not pleased with the height differences considering they are only a year young than me.  I used an exclamation mark instead of a period for the person/ people looking at this memoir to think about how crazy this is.  I put the writing at the bottom so it didn't take away from the picture but it is still noticeable.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Fashion Show

I had never talked to some of these people before getting put in a group with then for fashion show but they are all super nice and we all killed it at fashion show! 

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Love, symbolism, friendship, hate.
Past (metaphoto), words, when I was little (metaphoto), confession
Alone, close up, outline, future, reflection
Talent, black & white (metaphoto), family, passion

Reading Response 4

Perspective of Sutter

1. Maybe next time I'll actually listen to her.... #lessonlearned

2. God wouldn't of made alcohol if he didn't want me to drink it all the time.

3. Shout out to @MrGoodweed for finally finding a lady friend. Double dates are in order. #LovesInTheAir

4. Embrace the weird, dude.

5. I'd be lying if I said this was my first time waking up half way across town with no recollection of my night.. or where my car is. #oops

6. I am god's own drunk and proud of it. #sorrynotsorry

7. Every girl is beautiful in their own way.

8. I don't know who this blond-haired girl is but I think she saved my life. #blessed

9. It's a shame her mom has so much control over everything she does because she could be something big one day..

10. FOUND MY CAR!! If only I knew how it got there.

11. I don't want to disappoint this girl like I do to everyone else. #Special

12. Geech and his good ol' military school threats. #GoodLuck

13. Ricky cutting back on drinking just means there is more for me.

14. One good deed at a time man, hallelujah.

15. Best friend got a girl, and now I'm drinking alone even more than usual.. any takers?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Reading via Skype

Reading to the grade 3 class via Skype was a great experience. The looks on their faces were heart warming. I loved how they all joined along in the "thump thump thump." I felt like the book Mortimer was a great choice to read to the children because of all the sound effects and the song in it. They all seemed to really enjoy it and our class looked like they enjoying it aswell. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick write- cliff jump

This photo has so much in it even though it looks empty. The view he has while falling. Before he jumped his adrenaline was probably increasing but his nerves were at an all time high. Looking down from the cliff he probably felt fear, maybe nausea. All these signs telling him not to do it but at the same time to do it. When he jumps the adrenaline is going crazy. Is he thinking what if something goes wrong or is he not thinking just soaring through the sky taking everything in. The wind all around him pushing him different ways. When he lands is he going to want to do it again, or to never do it again? So many different ways to interperate this photo.

Quick write- what colour are you?

In my life I hope to be orchid and tangerine. Orchid (wisdom) is such a great trait to have. Being able to have the knowledge to help someone through their struggle would be neat. It would fulfill you. Tangerine (strength) is also something I would like to have, but mentally and physically. The strength to not give into peer pressure (in the work area aswell). Physically strong so I can lift things on my own when I'm older and don't need to depend on friends or relatives. I would like to be orange (joy) aswell because I would not like to be an old bitter lady I would like to look back at my long life and be good with how I lived and the things that happened. 

Quick write- which door?

I would chose the Monsters Inc door because it is the only door I recognize. Stepping through the door can lead to many different rooms in many different parts of the world. The adventure in it is you never know what you're going to get. The door seems like it would lead to a girls room, it is probably pink and flowered. The door usually gives a little clue about the child who lives in the room but sometimes it is off. That one door could take you to any part of the world that is sleeping at that very moment. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Reading Survey

In elementary school I had a very positive view on reading.  It was new and exciting.  The books were simple and the teachers would give out prizes to the student who read the most books in school, and at home.  The words were short, and easy to understand with a lot of pictures to form visuals in your mind.  Once I got into middle school my view on reading changed.  The teachers would make us do reading logs and we could only read books that were long with microscopic print.  We had to read a certain amount of hours during the week and our parents had to sign off on them.  The teachers believed comic books were not considered reading books and that is what most middle year child would want to read so nobody truthfully read the novels.  We also had to all read the teachers choice of book in class, it was never entertaining or a good read.  I learned about a website that gives you a summary of novels and comments from people who actually read the novel so I never had to suffer through the small font and difficult vocabulary.  Middle school teachers did not care much to help you find books about your interests they just followed the curriculum.  When I got into high school I thought the teachers were going to be the same as the ones I had in middle school but I was wrong.  They helped me find books that interested me.  I soon realized I really do like reading if it is the right novel.

When I think of reading the first word that pops into my head is interesting.  I think reading is interesting because of all the knowledge you can pick up throughout books.  There are so many genres of novels and so many different ways to write them.  You can have fantasy novels mixed with a little science; there are endless amounts of mixtures.  Reading is so interesting because everyone can do it.  You start off young with small books and by the time you're an adult your choices and tastes have matured.  Reading is interesting because it can impact individuals differently.  A certain book can change your whole perspective on life.

My favourite type of books to read are books with life stuggles in them.  I find those types of books so real to how everyday people live and it makes me aware on the issues tons of people in this world face.  Sometimes I like to read classic love stories but I find they get boring half way through because they are all the same.  I like books with a twist in them, but not vampires or creatures like that.  If a book can make me really think and wonder, or cry I will pick it up and will not put it down until I am completed.

Since you have last taught me I have read a few books on my own.  I still have not found a series I'm addicted to but I know what types of books I like now.  I enjoy reading now instead of reading just to get it done.  I use to always skip over words I did not understand or know but now I take the time to figure out what they mean giving me a better understanding on what is happening in the novel.  I read slower now so I can remember the details in the novel I am reading instead of just getting the main point of the book.

My goal as a reader this semester is to hopefully find a book series I enjoy and can continue reading once I am done high school.  Another goal I have is to try and read a book I would usually never read and see if I enjoy it.  After this semester I hope to complete at least 2 books that make an impact on my life.

I have an I-phone 4 that is extremely cracked but is still working and able to access the internet.  I do not have access to an everyday computer or tablet because I am clumsy and do not trust myself bringing my computer to school.  I do not have an e-reader because I do not read very much so I think it would be a waste of money to but and be used every so often.  I have a twitter feed where I follow all my friends, and the fake funny accounts that make ridiculous tweets.  I do not have a blog because I do not know how to use them, and I would not use it a lot.  I would probably forget the password and I would not know what to do or say on it.  I would however like to learn about them and see what other people put on them.  I would like to see the different types of blogs and how they make them look so fancy and creative.