Monday, 17 March 2014

Skype Reflection

1. My group and I presented the introduction greeting part of the Skype Six Word Memoir mini lesson. My group and I made the greeting interesting by using really cool and creative numbers to show how there are 6 words for each six word "story." We used a lot of expression as well. 
2. I think it went very well. We had what we were going to say printed out infront of us so we did not mess up. We also had glittery numbers showing to make them interested in what we were doing. A weakness we had was we did not really go in depth in explaining what a six word memoir was and how to do them. 
3. I learnt that it is way harder to teach children how to do something because they do not have as wide as a vocabulary as we do. I also learned you need to do things to entertain them because they do not pay attention for long.
4. I think next time they should show us something they have done in class. I would love for them to teach us something, even if we already have a little understanding about it. It would be interesting to see what they learn in class because maybe in Thompson they learn different things. 

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  1. Hi,

    This is Ms. Bettess. My students enjoyed learning from your class. We'd love to teach you a lesson as well as tell you about Thompson. Would like us to write some blogs on our blog page all about Thompson? Thank you for interacting with us.

    Ms. Bettess