Monday, 26 May 2014

Creating Dialogue

"It's really hot out today," said Frank.

"You got that right," Jon responded "I need to find some shade," he panted.

"I hope our owner comes soon,"Frank says as he rolls over. 

"Is it alright if I rest on you," Joe asked. 

"Yeah sure," Frank responded, "just don't squish me," he said with a serious face.

"You're so comfy," Joe said as he rubs his head into Frank's stomach. 

"Joe don't you dare fall asleep we're leaving soon," Frank snapped.

"It's to hot," Joe whispered. 

"Hey look they're here," Frank said dramatically. 

"Ugh finally," Joe says as he does a big stretch "I need to sleep," Joe says.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Field Trip!

1. I went to the stairwell in the power mech hallway there was a few people there hiding like usual. I listened to the conversation for around 7 minutes because it was not very interesting.
The conversation was between a male and a female. It seemed like they were a couple in an argument. I felt like I was invading their privacy because it sounded as if they were arguing about something important. I wouldn't appreciate a person listening into one of my private conversations. 
2. I learnt that what people say out loud is sometimes not what they truly mean. They "beat around the bush" a lot. One person usually talks more than the other. In a teenage conversation there is a lot of swearing.
3. I can apply this to my writing by having one person usually the "main character" talk more than the other person. The other person would probably be a listener, and only throw their two cents in every once in awhile to show their still paying attention. 
4. Depending on the conversation if someone is talking about something sad the person listening would show their character by giving them a hug or from the things they choose to say.  
5. When more than two people are in a conversation it is difficult to keep track of. Usually there are mini conversations inside a big conversation as well. Someone may say something that leads to something completely different and it gets confusing.
6. I was surprised at how rude people can be. Maybe to an outsider it sounds rude but to the people in the conversation it is not. I was surprised at how off track conversations get. There are multiple conversations going on in one large conversation. 
7. Spoken conversations are more choppy and off topic. Written stories are more structured. Nobody wants to read a story with characters saying random things it makes them bored. In a spoken conversation nobody else is usually listening for a purpose so you can say anything even if it is off topic. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Personal Post- Stubborn Dog

This is my dog Spencer. I took a picture of him sitting outside because he always does this. He is the most stubborn dog ever. We let him outside so he can go do his business. Like every dog when he is done he barks at the door to get let in. When we open the door to let him in he just sits there and doesn't do anything so we shut the door and he starts barking again. So now when he barks we have to hold the door open with a box or anything and let him sit there until he's ready to come in. Sometimes when it's nice out he does this for a hour. He's so annoying but he's pretty cool.

Personal Post: 1 Second Per Day: Week 1

Quickwrite- Periodic Table

Quickwrite- Worst Meal

The worst meal would smell like a skunk. The smell would be so rotten it makes you smell it on your breath for weeks. The taste of it is bitter. It tastes chalky. It's so thick and there's no liquidy part to the meal. The lingering odor is always around you.

Quickwrite- Eden

My imaginary Eden is a place with medium hills. There are a lot of colour ful flowers everywhere. The housings will look like logs from the outside, on the inside there will be classical furniture in all the rooms. Everyone wears different things because they are all unique and don't fall into social standards. Concerts everyday. Transportation around the Eden  is walking or scooters. The climate is warm like an average summer day with a light wind. No religion followed there because they think and believe theirselves and the others around them.different types of food places on ever corner, with affordable prices.

Skype Reflection

The thing that went well is showing them the pictures with what we were saying. It made it more interactive with them. It looked like they really enjoyed seeing the pictures along with what we were saying. Even though the pictures had a little glare because of the screens it still looked like they enjoyed it. The value in collaborating via Skype is that it is unique and funny. We get learn about the things they are learbing in other places. When I was in grade 2 we didn't learn what they are learning. We can see how different things are in different places and we are using a new technology as well.

Personal Post

I have a passion for music festivals and I found this article.  It is about multiple music festivals that happen,  there is one every month.  My goal is to spend a year travelling and going to these festivals.  I hope I successfully accomplish this goal because it would be amazing, and such a life long memory of being a kid.

Procedural Writing: How To Safely Cross The Street

Step 1: First, you approach the crosswalk.

Step 2: Second, you look left to see if any cars are coming.

Step 3: Next, you look to the right to see if any cars are coming.

Step 4: Fourth, you press the crosswalk button.

Step 5: Fifth, wait until all cars coming have stopped.

Step 6: Walk across the street.