Monday, 17 March 2014

Personal Post- My Dog

This is the transformation of my dog. The picture on the left is my dog at 6 weeks old when we got him. The picture of the right is my dog exactly a year after we got him. He has grown so much it's crazy!

Personal Post- Westwood's Fashion Show

This weekend I went to watch my friends at Westwood in their fashion show called "The Event." I thought it was great. They put so much time and effort into making it awesome. I loved how they got professional lighting and how they had tables with assigned seating. I loved how they had actual dancers teaching them dances so they actually looked good instead of the students trying to make up and dance and find music. It takes a lot of pressure off the students so they can focus and be more excited about it. I did not like the last part of their fashion show where each student came out and a person would say their favourite memory of highschool and their future ambitions. I felt like a lot of people wrote the same things and it dragged on to long but overall it was an awesome fashion show! 

Skype Reflection

1. My group and I presented the introduction greeting part of the Skype Six Word Memoir mini lesson. My group and I made the greeting interesting by using really cool and creative numbers to show how there are 6 words for each six word "story." We used a lot of expression as well. 
2. I think it went very well. We had what we were going to say printed out infront of us so we did not mess up. We also had glittery numbers showing to make them interested in what we were doing. A weakness we had was we did not really go in depth in explaining what a six word memoir was and how to do them. 
3. I learnt that it is way harder to teach children how to do something because they do not have as wide as a vocabulary as we do. I also learned you need to do things to entertain them because they do not pay attention for long.
4. I think next time they should show us something they have done in class. I would love for them to teach us something, even if we already have a little understanding about it. It would be interesting to see what they learn in class because maybe in Thompson they learn different things. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Personal Post- Aer

Two months ago one of my favourite bands released an album I highly reccomend checking them out if you've never heard of them! Here is their youtube account,

Six Word Memoir #6

Love/ Confession.
This is a collage of my best friends (including dogs), without them I wouldn't be the person I am. The words fit with the pictures because they are pictures of my best friends and I am truthfully thankful for them.  I needed to make a collage because I don't have a picture of all of us together. I put a heart beside the text because I love them, and to me a heart represents love.  I used a very simple font because our friendships are very simple. I didn't use an effect because I thought the pictures were better without them. I just used a period at the end of the sentence because I am making a statement nothing more so anything else wouldn't have made any sense.

Six Word Memoir #5

Me- Talent.
This is a picture of a casual meal I can eat at McDonalds and still be able to eat more.  The words fit with the picture because I am pretty small, and short for the averange age group I am in, but yet I can eat more than most of them.  It is very unhealthy but something I am completely proud of.  I used the spotlight effect on this picture to make everything look darker and make the food the center of attention.  I brightened the red to make it stand out a lot.  The font I used is called "Emily's Candy" I thought it fit the picture well becayse the I's are dotted with hearts and that seems pretty girly.  It fits with the picture because I'm saying how for such a small girl I can eat a lot.  I made the text centered because I thought it looked really proper and made the picture look a lot nicer because of how blurry the picture is.

Six Word Memoir #4

My Future
This is a picture of my bestfriend's younger brother.  She took this picture of him and I think it is hilarious. The words fit with the picture because he is just sitting there with sunglasses on throwing up a "W," he looks like he is just all about being a fun baby and not fussy like some babies.  I used Sepia in the background to drown it out and make the child stand out more because the background has no importance in the picture. I changed the font for the word awesome because I thought it would look better to use a really interesting font that stood out a lot.   I used an exclamation mark to express how amazing I think this child is and hopefully one day my child will also be this cool.  I put the writting at the bottom so it did not block anything from the picture.

Six Word Memoir #3

Me- Passions
This is a picture I took at a Steve Aoki concert I attended this year.  I took this photo while I was on my friend's shoulders so I could see everyone and everything going on.  It was one of the most magical moments I've had in my life.  Concerts are one of my passions, live music is what I live for.... as the words on the picture say.  This concert was so free, the loud music just blaring in the background and everyone around you dancing.  Everyone wears such unusual things, and nobody judges you. The way I did the font all wavy fits in with the way I feel at concerts, carefree.  I changed the font for music because I wanted it to stand out that this was about music, and how music makes you feel.

Six Word Memoir #2

These words fit with these pictures because these pictures were taken exactly a year apart from eachother. The one on the left was the first day we got him, and the picture on the right was taken a year after we got him.  I used this font because it reminds me of a little childs writting.  It shows how quickly a child can grow in a year.  It is tilted because children are playful like that so it makes it a little silly.  I used an exclamtion mark because I am so shocked and happy about how much my dog has grown in so little time.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Six Word Memoir #1

These words fit with the picture because I am the oldest out of my cousins who usually all get together regularly.  The worst part is I am always the shortest, ever since I can remember. You can clearly see my cousins and sister tower over me... my dog is almost as tall as me standing up so that says a lot. My uncle took the picture and the lighting was not very good so I had to edit the contrast and brightness to make the picture look nicer.  I used bold white words to really get the message across that I am not pleased with the height differences considering they are only a year young than me.  I used an exclamation mark instead of a period for the person/ people looking at this memoir to think about how crazy this is.  I put the writing at the bottom so it didn't take away from the picture but it is still noticeable.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Fashion Show

I had never talked to some of these people before getting put in a group with then for fashion show but they are all super nice and we all killed it at fashion show! 

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Love, symbolism, friendship, hate.
Past (metaphoto), words, when I was little (metaphoto), confession
Alone, close up, outline, future, reflection
Talent, black & white (metaphoto), family, passion

Reading Response 4

Perspective of Sutter

1. Maybe next time I'll actually listen to her.... #lessonlearned

2. God wouldn't of made alcohol if he didn't want me to drink it all the time.

3. Shout out to @MrGoodweed for finally finding a lady friend. Double dates are in order. #LovesInTheAir

4. Embrace the weird, dude.

5. I'd be lying if I said this was my first time waking up half way across town with no recollection of my night.. or where my car is. #oops

6. I am god's own drunk and proud of it. #sorrynotsorry

7. Every girl is beautiful in their own way.

8. I don't know who this blond-haired girl is but I think she saved my life. #blessed

9. It's a shame her mom has so much control over everything she does because she could be something big one day..

10. FOUND MY CAR!! If only I knew how it got there.

11. I don't want to disappoint this girl like I do to everyone else. #Special

12. Geech and his good ol' military school threats. #GoodLuck

13. Ricky cutting back on drinking just means there is more for me.

14. One good deed at a time man, hallelujah.

15. Best friend got a girl, and now I'm drinking alone even more than usual.. any takers?