Saturday, 8 March 2014

Six Word Memoir #1

These words fit with the picture because I am the oldest out of my cousins who usually all get together regularly.  The worst part is I am always the shortest, ever since I can remember. You can clearly see my cousins and sister tower over me... my dog is almost as tall as me standing up so that says a lot. My uncle took the picture and the lighting was not very good so I had to edit the contrast and brightness to make the picture look nicer.  I used bold white words to really get the message across that I am not pleased with the height differences considering they are only a year young than me.  I used an exclamation mark instead of a period for the person/ people looking at this memoir to think about how crazy this is.  I put the writing at the bottom so it didn't take away from the picture but it is still noticeable.

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