Monday, 3 March 2014

Reading Response 4

Perspective of Sutter

1. Maybe next time I'll actually listen to her.... #lessonlearned

2. God wouldn't of made alcohol if he didn't want me to drink it all the time.

3. Shout out to @MrGoodweed for finally finding a lady friend. Double dates are in order. #LovesInTheAir

4. Embrace the weird, dude.

5. I'd be lying if I said this was my first time waking up half way across town with no recollection of my night.. or where my car is. #oops

6. I am god's own drunk and proud of it. #sorrynotsorry

7. Every girl is beautiful in their own way.

8. I don't know who this blond-haired girl is but I think she saved my life. #blessed

9. It's a shame her mom has so much control over everything she does because she could be something big one day..

10. FOUND MY CAR!! If only I knew how it got there.

11. I don't want to disappoint this girl like I do to everyone else. #Special

12. Geech and his good ol' military school threats. #GoodLuck

13. Ricky cutting back on drinking just means there is more for me.

14. One good deed at a time man, hallelujah.

15. Best friend got a girl, and now I'm drinking alone even more than usual.. any takers?

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