Monday, 10 March 2014

Six Word Memoir #5

Me- Talent.
This is a picture of a casual meal I can eat at McDonalds and still be able to eat more.  The words fit with the picture because I am pretty small, and short for the averange age group I am in, but yet I can eat more than most of them.  It is very unhealthy but something I am completely proud of.  I used the spotlight effect on this picture to make everything look darker and make the food the center of attention.  I brightened the red to make it stand out a lot.  The font I used is called "Emily's Candy" I thought it fit the picture well becayse the I's are dotted with hearts and that seems pretty girly.  It fits with the picture because I'm saying how for such a small girl I can eat a lot.  I made the text centered because I thought it looked really proper and made the picture look a lot nicer because of how blurry the picture is.

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  1. That's hilarious! Have you even rated a mcdonalds meal even bigger than that one? If so, what did you have?