Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Field Trip!

1. I went to the stairwell in the power mech hallway there was a few people there hiding like usual. I listened to the conversation for around 7 minutes because it was not very interesting.
The conversation was between a male and a female. It seemed like they were a couple in an argument. I felt like I was invading their privacy because it sounded as if they were arguing about something important. I wouldn't appreciate a person listening into one of my private conversations. 
2. I learnt that what people say out loud is sometimes not what they truly mean. They "beat around the bush" a lot. One person usually talks more than the other. In a teenage conversation there is a lot of swearing.
3. I can apply this to my writing by having one person usually the "main character" talk more than the other person. The other person would probably be a listener, and only throw their two cents in every once in awhile to show their still paying attention. 
4. Depending on the conversation if someone is talking about something sad the person listening would show their character by giving them a hug or from the things they choose to say.  
5. When more than two people are in a conversation it is difficult to keep track of. Usually there are mini conversations inside a big conversation as well. Someone may say something that leads to something completely different and it gets confusing.
6. I was surprised at how rude people can be. Maybe to an outsider it sounds rude but to the people in the conversation it is not. I was surprised at how off track conversations get. There are multiple conversations going on in one large conversation. 
7. Spoken conversations are more choppy and off topic. Written stories are more structured. Nobody wants to read a story with characters saying random things it makes them bored. In a spoken conversation nobody else is usually listening for a purpose so you can say anything even if it is off topic. 

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