Monday, 9 June 2014

Bucket List

1. Attend Tomorrow Land
2. Attend a Tyler the Creator concert
3. Meet Kid Cudi
4. Attend Pemberton Music Festival
5. Road trip somewhere with my friends
6. Get over my fear of heights
7. Go sky diving
8. Crowd surf
9. Live in California for a few months
10. Attend Ultra Miami
11. Attend Veld
12. Live in Australia for a few months
13. Pet a panda
14. Hold a koala bear
15. Own my own house
16. Own a car
17. Get married
18. Have a family
19. Pierce both my ears all they way up
20. Get my belly button re-pierced
21. Travel to Amsterdam
22. Meet Miley Cyrus
23. Get my boating license
24. Learn how to stop on skates
25. Take my mom on a vacation
26. Get accepted to university
27. Find a life long job I'll enjoy
28. Save someone's life
29. Run a 5K marathon
30. Take a homeless person out for lunch
31. Volunteer at the animal shelter
32. Get over my fear of slimy things
33. Attend a Skrillex concery
34. Attend a Steve Aoki concert in Europe
35. Try every flavour of icecream
36. Help someone quit smoking
37. Watch my sister graduate
38. Learn how to walk in heels
39. Attend Electric Zoo
40. Be in New York for the New Years Eve ball drop
41. Get caked by Steve Aoki
42. Go to a winery
43. Go to the United Kingdom
44. Backpack through B.C
45. Go to a third world country and do a mission
46. Buy an apartment with a friend
47. Go on a cruise
48. Party with Wiz Khalifa
49. Attend a Project X type party
50. Attend a Victoria Secret Fashion Show

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