Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

(1) Six word memoirs- B
I think I did well on finding pictures that had a lot of meaning to me.  I had a lot of pictures because I take a lot of pictures for looking back on.  Trying to figure out what to write on the pictures was simple as well.  The issue I had was trying to shorten it to 6 words with proper grammar.  It took a long time for me to figure out how to make it sound like it made sense.  I could get it down to 5, or 7, but 6 was a challenge.  Since we are always taught to write a lot for things, and be descriptive it was difficult to be descriptive but short.  I feel like I could have edited the pictures more, but I did not want it to over power the pictures and words. I learnt that I should practice suming things up, and maybe practice my editing skills.

(2) IGNITE presentation- B
I think finding the pictures was the easiest thing I had to do for this project.  I thought that doing a presentation for 5 minutes would be a challenge but once I figured out what to say it wa simple.  The hard part was figuring out a topic.  I wanted to do a different topic but I could not find any pictures that would work for it.  I spent most of the project trying to figure out a topic and what pictures to do with it.  The other challenging thing about the project was presenting infront of the class.  I am the worst at public speaking!  But, it was easier presenting this project than a different one because it was a topic I chose myself.  I learnt about myself that I am still afraid of public speaking.  I also learnt that when it comes to chosing a topic it is difficult since it is usually the teacher telling us what to do.

(3) Blogging- B
I always post my assignments on my blog when they are supposed to be on them.  My blog got deleted, along with all the assignments I had done.  I did post personal additions on my old blog.  Since I just started this blog I have not posted any yet.  I did not post personal additions regularly because I usually forgot about posting them.  I posted more at the being of the semester than the end.  I have not visited any classmates blogs or left any comments yet.

(4) Connecting & Engaging- C
I feel like I do participate in classroom discussions on the blogs.  Whenever we were told to comment on a certian post I did, and in a timely manner. When we are on Skype with the other class I participate in the sound effects from books.  I do not think I will ever volunteer to read because I will probably get to nervous and mess up.  I think I attend class well.  Not as much as I should, but more than some others in the classroom.

(5) Goals
1. To comment and visit other peoples blogs regularly
2. To attend class on a regular basis.
3. To add more personal additions to my blog, and to remake my blog so it looks presenting.

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